One of my brothers is in jail. sunday night he was caught tagging ,before he left on saturday afternoon i told him when are you coming back he said uhm tomorrow morning yeah right ! now he is in jail .i told him before to start thinking like an adult he is 19 a friend of mine was already trying to get him a job and now look at this he already messed up his life!. i havent been able to go visit him because visiting days is until thursday he is in the city of banning ca. its like 45 mionutes from here its far but i am going today and depositing him some money so he can atleast shower .yesterday when i found out i thought to myself well he has to learn but last night i couldnt sleep just thinking and thinking  when he was born i helped my mom with him i carried him everywhere we went people thought he was mine i was 12 . of all my brothers he was the only one that would babysit my kids for free.i miss him .friends of mine tell me why do you care ?? let him stay there !! he is my brother my blood i know i am not his mom but he needs our support more than ever !when my other brother was also locked up 3 years ago i was the only one that went to visit him and i prayed for him and 1 month later he  was back home and now this ! my dad is sad you can tell its his son it hurts him ! but what can we do just wait and see what happens .

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 11:47 AM well at least he got some jail time, I am so sick of all this tagging..perhaps he will learn his lesson and straighten up...kinda scared straight idea!!  He is lucky, If I caught someone tagging MY property, it wouldnt be pretty.  Whatever happened to respect for other peoples property?...sorry this just got me going

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