Today is the anniversary of my Fiance's wife's passing.  Today marks three years that the kids lost there mom.  Its difficult for them and I feel for them all.  Its just hard to know my place in it all.  The time was right for me to be with them as part of the family. Its just special days will still have a meaning with out me.  Strangely enough I have a grieving feeling for her but its more centered on Dana and the kids.  I cant really feel what they feel but can grasp there pain.  I visited her grave this morning and prayed for them along with thoughts of her brother and parents that I just adore.  Ann-marie's mom and dad are the most wonderful people I've ever met and they have opened up there hearts to me and my daughter Shannon to part of there family.  They will be standing up as Dana's parents for the wedding its really a Godly gift we were all put together.  Since I'm an only child and my parents live 2000 miles away they have filled a void my myself and my daughter as well. 

Can any one on Cafemom  relate to my situation I would love to chat especially today.


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