We are coming on the anniversary of your birth/death.. I find myself  searching for reasons again.. It is so sad when a mother gives birth to a still born child.. How do you say hello and goodbye to a lifetime of dreams ?? What should be a celebration of life has now become yet another reminder of a life never to be.. Mommy loves and misses you every second or every minute of every day you are not with me !! I love you my little Matty..

O precious, tiny, sweet little one
You will always be to me.
So perfect, pure, and innocent
Just as you were meant to be.
We dreamed of you and of your life
And all that it would be.
We waited and longed for you to come.
And join our family.
We never had the chance to play,
To laugh, to rock, to wiggle.
We long to hold you, touch you now
And listen to you giggle.
I'll always be your mother,
He'll always be your dad.
You will always be our child,
The child that we had.
But now you're gone...but yet you're here
We'll sense you everywhere.
You are our sorrow and our joy,
There's love in every tear.
Just know our love goes deep and strong
We'll forget you never--
The child we had, but never had
And yet will have forever!
~Author Unknown

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 2:13 PM Oh Judy...I am so sorry that you have to re-live this everyday of your life, I don't know what words to say, all I can do is send enormous amount of strength, love & hugs your way.  I 'm always here for you if you need anything that I can help you with, even if it's just for you to vent & someone to listen.~ Love always...Joyce

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 5:14 PM i love you and you know im here!!!!

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Jul. 16, 2008 at 11:19 PM I'm sorry for your loss. I can not even imagine the heartache. I have always been told by my elders that a soul who is born and passes all at the same time is too pure for this plane, his journey is in the next plane of existence. The love you send him will help to guide him and you to a higher state. Bless you.

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