Hello girls! Finally I found something I can make money from home with! Since I just had baby Zoe we needed a little more income. My brother in law has been working personally with starting up a company that's new and useful to everyone called I AM VIOP . It's a digital phone system that runs over your high speed Internet, no phone jack needed at all! It's super fast and and you get so many features like voicemail, caller id, 3 way calling, etc. And  that's just for the basic $20 a month. If you sign up to be an agent you get a 1 800 number and even more features. Just starting out, with out really lifting a finger you make around $400 when you are an agent. There is a 300 sign up fee right up front then $60 a month to keep active. But I figured it's a small price to pay when you are making 400 in the first month! Then after that it's like $400 a week! No Joke it is the new up and coming phone system, so get in early and you can make a lot of money with me!  Just sign up at www.iamvoip.com/spendcash or call me at                     1(800) 351-4831  Good luck and call with any questions. -Kristin

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