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the meanderings of a muddled mom mind

Ok so mom has lived here with me due to surgeries and hip issues since September. So yesterday my sister came in from Virginia and mom and her were goign to stay at mom's house. All weekend mom has been cleaning herhouse, had my cousin come over to paint( don't even get me going there cause his paint job sucked and he covered mom's floor with the paint). Anyway in 2 days she discovered a commode was lkeaing, her roof has developed a leak, her floors need jacking up due to settling which of course is going to mess up the walls and roof, her fridge is trying to quit, her a/c has froze again leaving her without a/c. then lastnight they went over there and she has a ventless gas heater on the wall in the hallway, they walked into a house filled with gas. Someone had turned on the gas line to that heater and the pilot was not lit, hmmm imagine that, cause no one was there longer then 5 minutes yesterday she stopped by on her way to airport to get sister and it was not on then. However aforementioned cousin has ahouse key(though he says he left it on the table on Sunday morning, mom never found it). He knows mom is mad at him and fizing to cut him off cause he went back to drinking like a fish, then had the nerve to tell her that he had paid her back 3x what she had done for him in the last 3 years. Ummm ok again not gonna go there. So mow before mom went home, the cousin called here supposedly at her house(if he don't have a key how did he get in), he tried to tell me her a/c was working. Again if you don;'t have a key how are you in the house and know the a/c is working(which it wasn't frozen up tighter then a drum again.) He comes over here and starts crap and she puts him out, she leaves to go home and finds the gas on hmmmm now I know where my mind went and is still going, I find it waaaay too convenient the only person in the house was the cousin she was arguing with. Anyway needless to say they were unable to stay in teh house lastnight due to the gas smell adn came over here for the night. Now mom has gone back home to see if it still smells like gas, she turned off the pilot line so there should be no gas coming through it. Sorry but I am scared to even go in her house for any length of time anymore. This winter her furnace went out, only the catch was my stepdad had jerryrigged it so all teh safety features were bypassed filling her house with carbon monoxide, had to put in a new furnace... now all of this.. can we say hello what part of get out and get rid of are you not listening to, how many things have to happen before you realize God is telling you to move on...

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