Today my good friend Kyle moved away. She's on her way to Colorado as I write this post, and I miss her already - or at least knowing that I won't be able to call her or text her any time and have somewhere to go or something to do with someone who is completely accepting of who I am no matter what.

I'm totally excited for her, don't get me wrong! I am supremely happy for her that she's moving away from our little podunk town... we'll, we're not as podunk as most around here but still...

So I am sad.

But then Don brought the boys home, and I was kinda like oh :-/ ok... but then OD came and gave me a big hug. Then Don told the boys that my friend moved away today and I'm sad, so they should give me lots of love.


lol it was so funny. :) and they wrestled practically on top of me for about 20 minutes before I gave up and sneaked out. Then OD wanted to play Lego Star Wars on the Wii, so I said straighten up the couch and it'll happen. In less than 3 minutes he'd recruited his brothers to help him and it was done.

I turned it on for them and OD came and latched onto me and hung and hugged and I said I love you!!! and my Little Squirt came up to me and gave me a big hug too and I told him I love you too!!! and he said...............

I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


that is the SECOND TIME he's ever told me. It was so great. I almost cried when I told Don.

*sigh* hooray :) and still... a little *sniff* 

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