My Boss just called me to see how the kids are doing, to enter my pay for the next payroll and to remind me that I HAVE TO GO BACK TO WORK MONDAY!!!  It seemed soo fast, like it was last week that i was put on bedrest because the boy was enormous and my blood pressure was BANANAS!!!  I am lucky that i have someone coming to my house to watch my babies, a family member at that, but I WANT TO STAY HOME!!!  My 21 month old is going to be a monster, and the baby is so spoiled that my cousin is going to hate me for snuggling him so much.  It's all abou the swings, baby..  Even have one in our room(everyone in my house sleeps in the same room, most of the time the same bed) just in case we need some room in the bed..  who else do you know that has a 12.5 lbs 5 week old..  we build them big..  but my issue is that i don't WANT to go back to work...  I want to stay with my kids...  BITTER!!

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