I usually post on xanga but i havent in a while i dont know why i think i lost interest in it?!
Alexis has been quite the monster lately.. shes had attitude lately that i have noooooo idea where she is getting it from!! Dylans been great.. rolling all over.. he trys sooooo hard to sit up and cant but hes getting his baby abs going! LOL!! He looks sooo handsome with his hair cut.. 

I bowled yesterday and bowled a 136 137 138 :) so i cant complain i did pretty good!! Esp since my average on that league is a 111 :)

Alyssa who is a friend of the familys daughter is great shes been going with us the last 2 weeks to help watch the kids shes going to be doing it at home from now on..  shes a great babysitter!!!

I bought some webkinz & kookeys for lex off ebay.. 27.00 for 6 i made a hell of a deal!!!

We got our tax check.. thats nice but pretty much gone...

russells taking off a week in july to go check out tennesee .. we might move there?

gas prices SUCKKKKKK!

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