As a child I always wanted to be Smurfette! As I got older I read alot of different books, but enjoyed fantasy romance novels where the girl was always swept off her feet by this great tortured guy. I always wrote stories about bad boys who the main female character could fix.  He would change only for the love of her! As a grown woman I always fell for the bad boy who needed nurturing and thought I could change him. It took me years to see that you cannot change anyone. They have to love themselves enough to change. I did end up with a man that had a rocky childhood and an even rockier adult life. I spent years feeling neglected and uncared for. He did love me. He just needed to learn to like and love himself. He is 34 now and I am 32. Things have changed for the better. I do believe my unconditional love had a lot to do with it. I gave him something he had never had all his life and didn't know what do to with it. He has come so far and I am very proud of our relationship now. He means everything to me and is a wonderful man. He still has his moments, but I guess so do I. Doesn't everyone? Reading those fake romances when I was younger really affected my idea of what love was suppossed to be like.  And watching soap operas didn't help either! Which was a far stetch from the reality of relationships. It takes hard work and perserverance for love to withstand time.

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