• Thank you all so much for your comments! I always love getting comments. I'm always worried that xanga is going to die one day and leave me behind....
  • Yes, I basically designed/painted the bookcase myself. I had a few tools to help me; sponges (those little round ones with sticks), and 2 foam circles- one filled, one not. They only helped me a little bit and I pretty much had to do the edging around the circles myself with a small paint brush. I'm just glad I didn't decide to do the flower scene since I'd probably still be working on it now and for weeks to follow.
  • The location of where we were swimming was a little town called "Linden". Very small town. The access to the river is public. It was a rough crowd that was there but as long as that doesn't bother you- it's fun! You can see the dam, it's the white line across the river.

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So I'm on day 2 of the first week of not having the a car. It's kinda boring here. Joe's been doing my errands, ie. post office, I hate going there because it ALWAYS takes forever. So, Eileen if you are reading this, Joe is sending your package today. I've been cleaning, but you can only clean so much. I think I'm just about caught up on all my projects.

So now I sit here at home thinking of ways to decorate my home (in other words: plan on spending money-- yes, making a plan to make a plan). Since we moved ALL Chloe's baby things out of the living room and into her room it's really bare in here. It looks like a bachelor pad (augh! Which reminds me that I missed the Bachelorette last night! err... Thank goodness for online tv). Joe likes it, I don't. Go figure. I want to get new furniture--- leather. There is a nice leather set at Sam's Club I was looking into for a decent price. And we actually saw a commercial for Furniture Factory Outlet for leather furniture for a great price (I think it was a sign). Joe wants to wait until we move, I don't, so we'll see who wins that discussion (and no I wouldn't say it has anything to do with "submit to your husband" but rather we both bring our reasons to the table, think it over and decide together, I just have to make sure I've got the good and better reasons ). Having one couch limits the people we can have over and lets face it, as much as the couch cover looks good, it's a pain to keep tucked in and looking nice. I guess it's only meant to be a quick fix.

I'll take the whole living room, thankyouverymuch.

Has another bought anything from blueskyimports.com ? I'm on a forum and they mentioned them. The prices are really good and the product is adorable... but I don't know about quality. I guess with this price it's worth trying out. I love these purses! I was actually looking on getting another one. It was red polka dot with black straps but when I looked at it this morning it was gone.... darn.

I need to get some sort of bigger bag for me and Chloe when we got to playdate and whatnot or swim. Now all we have is Joe's ALERT back pack, even though it's in good condition, it has seen better days. One they specifically mentioned on this forum was this one: I love it.

My balcony garden is turning out quite well. I got a hibiscus bush at Walmart last night for $3! That made me very happy because the night before I was looking at getting one and it was $5.49. Whew! I'm glad I waited. It was just a littler reminder for me of God's love, in a round about sort of way. Since I know I wasn't going to buy is at full price, then the next day is went down a whole lot... wow. But yes, it's beautiful, one bud bloomed this morning while another one died... but that could be because Chloe ripped the flower apart while she was in the cart and we were still shopping.

Well I better call it a post. Chloe is eating and ripping napkins, ripping Joe's ESPN and looking out the window and dancing to the "buzzing" of the lawnmowers outside....

She is also eating string cheese

Ohhh!!! I just got a call from Joe! He's coming home soon, he's got half day! So now we are going over to Nixa Aquatic Center and swim with his brother Nate. Yay! (I'm actually thinking about having Chloe's Birthday Party here--- possibly)

Check it out this is our public swim pool, sa-weet!

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 12:37 PM I have never seen a picture of the pool from above. We love that pool!  Have fun!

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 1:16 PM I love your journals! (especially all the pictures. I'm definitely a picture-book lover!)

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