Yesterday I go home after a LONG day at work and go to pick Louie up out of his pin to let him out to potty.  He is so excited to see me that he starts peeing the minute I pick him up.  It goes accross the kitchen floor on my legs, my new shirt I was wearing, my feet ( I had on flip flops)...I rushed him outside and stripped down in the kitchen.

  I go upstairs to find some clean clothes and in front of my dresser on the floor I step in cat poop...oh boy, what a night so far.  I hobble into the bahtroom and clean my foot of.  I come back out of the bathroom and go downstairs.  While I am sitting on the couch relaxing my husband says to me..."what is that smell?"  I grab my cat off of the floor and yes....he crapped all over himself.  (he does this all the time.)  He is a Persian and has long black hair, which I try and keep his back end trimmed. lol  I took him upstairs in the bathroom and wrestled him on the floor to get it off of his butt. Mind you the whole day I had a headache that hurt so bad I was nauceous....(dont know if I spelled that right.)  Finally after cutting the hair off and wiping his butt I went downstairs.  A moment of relief....

I made veggie dogs and mac and cheese for hubby for dinner and I couldnt stomach the small, I kept feeling like I was going to hurl.  I went upstairs and crawled in bed by 6:30...9:30 I got out of bed, went downstairs and got some fat free frozen yogurt and sat with the hubby ....we went to bed probably 30 minutes later.  Today I still feel like my headache is lingering, but at least I have an appetite...on that note, I am going to heat up my veggie burger!!

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 7:16 PM

Yes, this is why that cat ain't sittin' with me, sorry...


But yeah, seriously, your day sucked. You need a hug. Hope today was better! How's the head?

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