So I'm a single mom back at work and am trying to breast feed so I pump three times a day at work .. . There is one woman on site that organizes the whole ordeal and we all sign up for time slots since theres a few of us using it on a daily basis.  Well a few of the new moms have decided that they're just not going to participate in our time slot way of organizing things.  Instead they are just going to show up and use it whenever they see fit.  The appointments are posted in the nursing mothers room for all to see but they ignore it!  Completely disrespecting whomever has taken the time to sign up for that slot.  I manage my days work around my time slots and am just apalled when someone decides that their time is more important than mine.  I have even kindly informed the woman as she comes out of the room that if she contact Mrs. Shields she could sign up for some slots of her own . ..  there was one day when the woman just came out and said, "yes I saw the sign"  Like she just didnt care! Bitch!! 

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