"No Slow Jamz Tonight" - a short story wit a twist on how to show ya man some love ;) enjoy!

It's 8:00. You get off work right on time. The kids are in bed and I've got something special planned just for you. But tonight it's not the usual. No, no candles. No, no slow jams. Tonight's not about makin' love. Tonight it's gonna get kinky. So come inside and prepare to be stripped. You get a three minute shower and NO phone calls. Then it's cuffs and a LIFE sentance for you, that's Love and an Infinate Feeling of Extacy. Now sit down-- you are now in sexual confinement.

The charges brought against you are 1 count grand theft of your lover's heart, 1 count first degree murder of said lover's insecurities, and numerous counts of extreme sexual gratification on numerous, non-consecutive occasions. The jury finds you guilty of all 'fore mentioned charges and believe you deserve to be severly pleasured.

So are you ready to serve your time?

The first phase of your sentance involves me rubbin' your body down in lavendar scented baby oil while I massage every muscle in your arms, shoulders, chest, back and thighs. I can see in your eyes that you want me to go down on you, but I'm the warden and I'm here to tease, then to please. I stand up in front of you wearing nothing but a scarlet red g-string and top and start grindin' on your lap. You want to kiss me and grab me but your hands are still cuffed behind your back and your lips are bound with a blindfold. I feel you growing bigger and harder, throbbing with excitement underneath me, so I know it's time. But instead I just take off the blindfold and grab your neck and kiss you passionately. But you're not allowed to say a word, so I put it back on. LOL

By now you've waited long enough. It's time to carry on with your sentance. I slide my hands down your glistening chest and grab hold of your legs, then I start to lick you and suck you with no hands. I take it deeper and deeper, then back up and focus on the head. You can't say anything but I know when you really like something because your legs start to shake and I hear your muffled moan. I back up and get ready to go a lil further, nibbling your balls between my lips and massaging your dick with both hands. You like when I move my hands faster with a lil twist motion, when I suck you nice and firm.. but this segment has to end too.

I let go. Now I climb on top of you once again, remove the blindfold one more time, and take your dick in my hand so I can slowly slide it inside of me. I sit down on it all the way and ride it nice and slow, holdin' your shoulders and kissin' you at the same time. Then I get faster, harder and deeper. When I think you've just about had enough, I get down and suck you one more time until you come on my lips and down my chest. I let your hands free so we can enjoy each other different ways for the rest of the night.

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