Interested in becoming a Consultant?Now we have 2 kits availabe to get you started.

The NEW deluxe kit for $119.95 includes:
• The Standard Welcome Kit
• Premium BackOffice
• Four full size products
 » Insta-tox
 » Citrus Essential Green Tea
» S-Force Energizing Powder
» Nude S.I. color lipstick
• Two sample strips for 9 different products
•Ten Product and Opportunity brochures
• Ten Opportunity DVDs
• S.I. Color product cards (pack of 40)
• Ten S-Force brochures
• 50 blank business cards
• One Product Notebook
• 50 event/meeting invitation postcards
• One Seriesse tote bag
• Forms
• PLUS $50QV

Or you can go with the standard kit - $29.95

• Starting your Seriesse Business Booklet
• Product, Opportunity and Business Catalogs (one of each)
•Product and Opportunity DVDs (one of each)
• Sample Strips
• FormsStandard

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