I was awakened by very loud thunder and rain hitting me in the face at 2am.  Jerry jumped out of bed and closed the window and I ran downstairs to check on things.  Mindy came out of her bedroom and we stood looking out the window at the light show and the horizontal rain.  We turned on the TV and the weatherman was saying that there was rotation in the clouds about 20 miles from us. 

After things quieted down, we all headed back to bed. Mindy's bedroom is just around the corner from the front door and when she stepped into the hall, her feet went splash, splash :(  The rain had blown in the door and seeped in under it.  Every towel in the house went down onto the floor to sop up the water and a couple of them were stuffed tightly against the bottom of the door.

 I went outside this morning to check out the situation and I saw branches and sticks all over the place.  The river came up a couple of feet too:(  As I continued to look around, I saw that one of our doghouses was gone!  It was the igloo type.  I found the little doggie bed that was inside of it down in the boat floating around in the water that was in the boat.  No sign of the dog house anywhere!  I guess it blew into the river. 

As I am sitting here now, we are getting hit again and the weatherman broke in on the TV with severe thunderstorm warnings.  He said we got anywhere up to 6 inches of rain last night and still more to come. 

I think I will go get a life jacket out of the shed and hope for the best.  LOL (gotta try to keep a sense of humor)


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Jun. 3, 2008 at 12:58 PM

Sounds like you did have some weather.  We also had some bad weather Saturday.  I hope you find the dog house.

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 5:54 PM Oh where or where has the doggy house gone?... Oh where oh where could it be?.... LOL -- Hope you have the dog! Sorry to hear about all your rain, and that it didn't have the common courtesy to stay OUTSIDE of your house. Hope you dry out soon -- and find your doggy igloo!

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