Running class went well last night.... aside from the fact that I didn't run!  and I had to bring DS.  Because my knee is all jacked up I wanted to walk fast and with DS it made it hard to run.  He got out of the jogger once and tried to walk (but for him it was running!) he fell and was over that pretty quickly.

I found out that the trail I had run before and thought was 2 mi is actually 3!!!!!  So that means I can run outside 3 mi in 40 min.  I am happy with that.

Next week DS is staying home with SO so I can try and run it.  We shall see! 

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Jun. 6, 2008 at 9:48 AM My knee is feeling GOOD!  I dunno if it is the fact that I haven't pushed it too far (like I normally would) or if it is the 2 packets of CosaminMSM I have had in the last week.  Whatever it is I'm a happy camper!!!  I wanna try and run this wkend, but not sure that is the best of ideas.  My race is next saturday and I should save my knee for that.

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