Ok, so maybe I didn't understand everything he wrote. Maybe my level of reading comprehension was a little low at the time. I didn't care. I first discovered Michael Crichton through my best friend in grade school. She read Jurassic Park in the 3rd grade and I followed suit by tackling The Andromeda Strain. Not easy reading for me to this day. Sure there were other books that were more age appropriate. I would love to get my hands on a copy of Where the Red Fern Grows and Summer of the Monkeys. 

Michael Crichton was my favorite author through the 6th grade. His book Congo inspired me to want to become a primatologist. To this day I have a keen interest in several aspects of anthropology, primatology still being on that list. I do not have as much time to read anymore. I'm a mom afterall. I still love reading though (when I get the chance). My current favorite author is Patricia Cornwell. For those of you who haven't tried her out, she is fantastic! I'm a little disappointed in her newer works though. I feel as though the books lost a lot of what made them good when they were no longer written in 1st person.

I plan on taking up the Dexter series this summer. I am HOPING that Jeff Lindsay will be my new favorite author.

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