I went on Friday and seen the show. Out of all the girls in the movie who are you more likely to be

Carrie Bradshaw

Samantha Jones

Charlotte York

Miranda Hobbes

As much as I love sex and love to explore different stuff about sex . The movie I though was good. Finely Carrie got Mr Big. I have not seen all the seasons to Sex and the City,but working on it.

No, no, no, no, too late now. You said it, it's over for me. "Here lies Carrie. She had two loves and lots o' shoes."

Sex with an ex can be depressing. If it's good you can't get it anymore, if it's bad you just had sex with an ex.

He has one ball, and I have a lazy ovary! In what twisted world does that create a baby? It's like the Special Olympics of conception!

The thing is... there are some things people don't admit because they just don't like the way it sounds. Like, 'I'm getting divorced.'

Well in the end they all got what they wanted and plus alot of sex to get there .......

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