Well, when I went to the doctors on 5/22 they did an u/s and told me that Christopher's heartbeat is now normal and he No Longer has the arrythmia =) I was so happy to hear that!!

They did tell me that there is a lot of fluids in the sac and it could be for 3 reasons:
1 - the baby likes it that way
2 - Could be because I could have gest. diabetes
3 - Malformations of the baby

The doctor DID tell me that it could possibly be #1 BUT since I failed the one hour sugar test I could possibly have the gest. diabetes. I was supposed to go back this passed Wednesday but I had a family emergency in NJ and had to take a train out there so I missed my appointment.

(My grandfather had a heart attack and he has nammonia in both of his lungs. They have 2 tubes running through his throat to his lungs and they have him on a respitory machine to help him breathe, so right now we are just playing the "waiting game" to see how he's going to do. He's usually a fighter, but he's like 88 years old so we dont know how this is going to turn out and he's been in the hospital since the afternoon of Memorial Day).

Anyways, for the sugar test, they didnt tell me not to eat or drink for any certain amount of time so their criteria for the test is 130 MAX and I got 154 for the sugar, BUT I ate lunch an hour before the test (while I was at work) and I was drinking Fanta so that's possibly why it was a little high.

So now because they are idiots at my DR's office I have to sit there for 3 hours and get 4 fkn needles JUST because they DONT tell you anything!!! This is rediculous!!

Ok I am done ranting and raving for now. Ttyl =)

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 5:42 PM that is awesome news that the baby no longer has the Arrythmis!! That is very excitng. Hopefully you dont have GB and that you paassed the 3 hour test. Good luck with that!

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 6:16 PM you mean they didnt tell you that you had to do the test on an empty tummy that is crazy of them that is why the high number

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Jun. 4, 2008 at 11:58 PM Yea gustinebrat, that's what I was saying.. They are idiots there =/

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