Though you did not breathe the breath of life,

Nor see the world around,

No other being large or small,

Could have made such joy abound.


The happiness you brought to us,

Just knowing you were there,

The plans we made, the dreams we had,

Of the things that we would share.


We marveled at your kicks and turns,

And wondered what you would be,

A miracle, a special child,

We were certain we would see.


You must have known, our little one,

That you captured all our hearts,

You must have felt our love for you,

Right from the very start.


You brought us new awareness,

Even as we struggle with our pain,

But, liittle one, through all our tears,

Your being will never be in vain.

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 12:58 PM beautiful, and heart breaking....

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