This year has been really strange as far as my birthday goes.  Normally I am all about my birthday but this year I have resigned to the fact that it no longer matters.  On this last week leading up to that big day I have had alot of things hit me.  Soon I will be a mother of two, and forever more my life will be changed.  I belive my unintrest in my birthday started on Mothers day when I recieved cards and dirty laundry.  This  is how I spent the day of appreciation for all the hard work I do as a mom.  It has slowly gone down hill.  Yesterday my mom called and even after 10 years of being in the clear there is now a possibility that her breast cancer is back.  They have found something on her breast.  SCARY.  I have already lost my dad and now I may loose my mom and be left with what.....Steve...I would say that I would be left with no-one except my husband and his family.  Then there was today one of the biggest days in my husbands military carrer...his first ever promotion ceremony.  I was already angry b/c his bosses decided to do their frocking ceremony during the all military command quarters, which made things a little more difficult to attended.   So to make things even more difficult today my son decided that he did not want to get dressed and did not want to go to day care, upon finally getting him there and arriving to see my husband get pinned everyone was at full attention and I could not walk up while things were going on so I missed the whole thing.  I was so upset.  In fact using the word upset doesn't seem strong enough to explain what I felt.  So I have got to kick myself into high gear and not only try to make up the missing his promotion thing but also I want to blow him out of the water for fathers day.   Which means that I won't have time to do the whole birthday thing b/c I would have to plan my own party or else it wouldn't happen, and frankly there is just nothing to celebrate this year as far as I am concerned. 

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 3:43 PM Hey girl, hang in there....I say go buy yourself a nice birthday cake.  That's what I did! LOL.  I'm sorry everything seems so crappy right now. Things will start looking up.  You get to find out the gender in a week!

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