I am indeed in a lot of pain, constant pain. I really believe that a lot of your bodies reactions to an injury, (depression & anxiety) are normal feelings that as humans, we experience. I am a little more depressed I'll admit due to this pain that doesn't leave my body all day, but I feel better about taking a bath and stretching, or watching a funny movie, or making a nice cup of hot tea, and just taking some deep breaths and relaxing myself. It doesn't take ALL the pain away but sometimes will give me a different perspective on the pain and makes it that much more easier to deal with. I am going to give my injury some support and faith and think of how its slowly healing and will someday be less painful and that much stronger. I have a supportive husband and two kids that yes are a pain in the @#$ sometimes, lol, but also are very sweet and understanding about my discomfort. I am going to continue to work with my body and listen to what my body is telling me, (I believe thats what pain is; your bodies way of "talking" to you) If I shut it up and can't understand my pain because its been temporarily "covered up" how will I know whats going on. How will I know if I'm worse or better; how will I know if I'm over doing it. I am the kind of gal that needs this pain in my life to remind me that I am in fact injured and my body is at a time where it needs to heal and I need to help it do that by taking it easier on myself. If I feel fine; I'll jump back into being my busy hard working self, and progress not better my injury.  It's good to know that there is an "easy" way to get out of this pain...but I'd rather do it the "hard" way and heal it, rather then cover it up with a "fake" way of feeling better. Alot of the bodies problems are actually due to poor diet and lack of exercise. More then people think. Ü

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