Yes, I read alot of books as a child. I was well known as the girl who loved her books. :)

These is what I mainly preferred to read:

Little House on the Pairie.  . . loved Laura Ingalls. 

The Babysitter's Club. . . daydreamed of being like those girls, having my own babysitting club with my friends. ha.

Sweet Valley High.  . . wished I had a twin as it sucked being an only child, which was why books were my best friends when I wasn't busy with my friends. 

 I think I passed on my love for reading onto my girls, especially my 7 yr old. She has most of the Junie B. Jones series along with many other books and has been able to read for herself since hte first few weeks of Kindergarten! It was like once she started K, she took off on her reading and hadn't needed any help at all ever since.  I hope the same thing happens for my 5 yr old when she starts Kindergarten in the fall. :)

 My girls also has alot of other bookworms in the family besides me, their aunts, their grandmas, etc. . . so it's great! :)



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