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June 2008  


 the FREE Kit
   All the Tools for Successful Home PartiesThe kit provides all the tools to hold successful home Parties. The new kit is all self-contained in its own shoulder bag, so a Demonstrator can simply walk into a Host’s home, ready for a great Party. This is a great way to show the Host how simple this business is. Show her she can do it, too! Click below to review the contents of each kit and keep them handy for when prospective Demonstrators inquire about their kit.  What's in the Sampler Kit? (U.S.) 

With just a simple investment of shipping costs and by planning ahead when your new Demonstrator enrolls, they can plan their debut Party and be ready for quick success! Your new Demonstrator earns money quickly and can create their own sample to show off at Parties.


With 3 – 4 hours of work new Demonstrators can make nearly $200 in their first 30 days. PLUS, in June new Demonstrators get one of the new TRUE candles FREE (a US $13.98/CDN $17.25 value)!

25% Base Commission$125
1.5% Override Commission$7.50
Host Rewards from Debut Party$60

TOTAL EARNED in First 30 Days

  So don’t wait until tomorrow to begin sharing this opportunity with anyone you meet and be sure to teach your team the value of bringing new team members to the team. Sharing the Gold Canyon opportunity will put you on track to achieving the challenge given by our President & CEO, Curt Waisath to DOUBLE YOUR TEAM in 2008. It doesn’t matter if you just started in the business, now is the time to share this great opportunity with those you meet. Who doesn’t want to earn $192.50 in their first 3-4 hours of work?


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