I was a bookworm. (Still am, when I can find time when Amelia is asleep and I'm not.) Favorite family anecdotes include such gems as "Phaedra, you have to go outside and get some sunshine. You can take your book with you" and my standard response to mandates: "Just one more sentence/page/chapter...." For most of my childhood, favorites were fantasy novels with a female lead. Does anyone remember "The Secret of the Unicorn Queen" series? A normal girl gets sucked through a portal and ends up in a land of warrior women and unicorns... and of course proves that even normal girls have some magic up their sleeves.


And that's what readers know... that books hint at the greater self, the person that we have the potential to be. They are educating and enlightening. Sometimes infuriating, when we feel the premise is off. But they are always magic: they transport us to lands we've never seen, introduce us to the kinds of people we've never met, and inspired thoughts we'd never thought to think.

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