I didn't realize until hubby was gone, how much he doesn't do.  LOL  He uses the weed eater and he fixes our vehicles when they break.  Of course, since hubby is gone, my truck breaks down.  Don't tell hubby, but I didn't take it to a repair shop.  I bought a manual and fixed it myself.  It was just easier than trying to find a mechanic that I trusted.  I figure if I screwed up then I would call a mechanic to fix what I screwed up.  But i didn't screw up anything.  My truck is fixed and running like a champ.  Now if I could figure out the weedeaters, I would be all set.  We have a bunch of them in the garage and I have no idea what ones work or what they all do.  Some have blades on them, some need electricty, some are just too heavy for me to carry.  My yard looks horrible so I'm thinking I need to go buy one that I can use.  I can spend the money that my husband thinks I paid a mechanic.  =)

Kids are graduating Sunday and of course, my 14 year old changes her plans for high school.  I think she did it to see if she can stress me out.  LOL  Open houses are the 14th and the 22nd.  I start the summer semester on the 16th.  Good timing for everything huh?

My oldest daughter is going through some sort of phase or something.  She left her fiance and the baby.  She is living with her new boyfriend and seems really happy.  I am spending alot more time with the baby so I'm happy.

My dad is finally able to talk clearly and is making amazing progress.  My MIL, who is 74, is back to work full time after her surgery.  But now my FIL is having some problems and they can't quite determine what they are. 

I'm off to go shopping.  I get to buy a new outfit for my son's graduation.  I haven't bought a new outfit in a really long time so I don't even know where I want to go. 

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