I saw my self yesterday and said this is it I can't do it any more like this, I feel soooo gross. I had bought the HEB version of slim fast and I liked them, so today I have made a decisions that I am going to the slim fast thing. I can have a slim fast shake in the morning and lunch but I need a little help figuring out what I do about snacks and dinner. Please if anyone has any advise or recipes that can help me out. We don't have a lot of money on our grocery budget and when I make dinner I must feed my 4 year old and my husband, so if anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated.

I wrote this post a week ago on another site but only one response came out of it and I really do needs some help, so I thought I would put it as a journal post. I have started this new diet of mine as of Monday but I sooo did bad when it came to dinner. I had my shake in the morning but did not have time for my brunch snack. I had my drink for lunch accompanied with a cut up cucumber, some grape tomatoes and vinaigrette. I ate my afternoon snack of fresh cut pineapple. I am doing good but then I had pizza for dinner and over ate by way too much. I don't know what is wrong with me but I need to stop. I have to stick with this and loose some weight. I know if I see me start to loose some then maybe I will have the will to exercise but I have to start somewhere, right? I just need that cheering and maybe a kick in the butt some times, LOL.

So lets see how this is going to go, I hope I can do it!!

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 1:47 PM

Well great for trying!  At least you recognize that you have to lose weight so you can feel better and be healthy!  I too need to drop some....a good 40 probably....I lost over 60 in the past.  I did it by eating sensibly...my biggest meal in the daytime for lunch....I just watched not to eath common sense "bad" things....but I ate a full meal at lunch....breakfast was usually coffee and I wasn't much of a breakfast eater anyhow....dinner time, I ate very small in portion....a tiny salad with LEMON only......or a baked piece of chicken 1/2 breast about and some veggies....nothing on them, but salt, pepper.....

I would get on my treadmill (thank goodness for it!) every night for 5 x a week...pick your nights...but make it 5x....mix exercise with eating sensibly AND you WILL lose weight....I remember my husband telling me to get on the scale in walmart (cause we had none at home) and I said, Nah, I don't want to...he kept insisting...I got on and BAM the first 20lbs GONE!!! I started to cry.....I was so shocked and didn't know WHERE it melted off...but it did...even now, I will say, where will it all go?  And I never believe I can look and feel better AND buy clothes OFF THE RACK>>>>>>and I DID!!!   I went from over 200 lbs (212 my highest at 5'6") and down to 145-150 and maintained it for well over a year....had my first baby after.....but now I am a good 40 lbs up for NOT trying enough to get it off and two kids later with 2 c-sections.

But, I KNOW I can do it...I saw myself thin and feeling great!  AND HAD KNEES!!!

SO I know when I decide to again I will be able to.

You can do it, but add walking to your regiment...don't starve yourself, but make your heaviest meal in the daytime...don't eat after about 7pm....if you NEED a snack, grab about 1/2 cup of pretzels and stick to only that 1/2 cup......don't add extra calories of anything that is uselss.....

I tried the slimfast, but felt it more rewarding to trade that off for a tuna (without mayo) in a bowl with some lettuce ontop....that was equal or LESS in calories...but you do what you can that works for you....but I RECOMMEND MOVING your body!! That is the key....you will give your body a good jumpstart and you will lose...you will hit a time where you stand still,but don't give up.....I started my regimen of walking on my treadmill for like 15 minutes, worked up to 30 or 35 a day....after I got comfortable and good at it, I started a slight jog for half of it until I jogged all of it and enough of a jog to get my body sweating more and give my heart a workout.....I ended up jogging outside on the beach for 30 minutes a night and would get home, and do about 125 crunches a night on my floor while watching tv......

That was my story!  I hope it helps you...CONSISTENCY is the key!!

Good luck!


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Jun. 17, 2008 at 11:39 AM i really never saw any results when i tried slimfast.  Right before i found out i was pregnant i was taking slimquick and i lost 15 pounds within a month - just made sure i ate healthy (i didnt count calories and i wasnt too religious about the healthy eating, i just made healthier choices than before) and i started exercising...that is the main key - even though it sucks and we dont like doing it, you will see most results when you start exercising...with a four year old i bet you are already getting a lot of exercise and you dont realize it!!! 

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Jun. 20, 2008 at 4:41 AM I found that getting off my butt and doing something works. I love going to the duckpond over by me.. by potranco, and walking a good 7 laps, fast not slow. We would go when we dropped the kids off at school.. we would walk one lap slow, then speed up. I went from doing none to doing 7 with them. 2 laps is a mile. You will find that it energizes you. It is also great entertainment for the kids. I bring Ilias in a stroller and we feed the ducks on the first lap. The kids could even play when I was done now that it is summer. I need a walking buddy lol. I had 2, one moved and I havent talked to the other one since school ended lol. You would be suprised at the change..

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Jul. 13, 2008 at 4:14 PM Walking, start walking everyday, I lost weight that way.  Start by walking on your breaks.....

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