This morning I checked my email and, for a short time, I was hopeful again.  I had an email from a girl saying that she was considering giving up her baby and to contact her if we would be interested in opening our family to a 7 month old little girl.

 I received the email fairly early this morning; so, my adoption agency wasn't open yet.  I had to wait a bit (still hopeful) before contacting the intake counselor to report that we'd (finally) had some contact.  This is the first contact of any sort we've had from a prospective-birth-mother and it's been about 8 months. 

Turns out that the email was sent to everyone listed on the website - everyone.  The counselor also said that she thinks it's a scam for money because of the inconsistencies in the email. Our first contact and it's nothing more than a game - a scam.

I don't understand how anyone could be so cruel as to prey on people who just want to share their families, homes and lives. It is just so incredibly wrong - and more hurtful than I can express.  

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