U.S. Minister Motley wrote in an 1861 letter to THE LONDON TIMES that the great conspiracy was "to establish a great Gulf Empire, including (in addition to the southern U.S. states) Mexico, Central America, Cuba and other islands, with unlimited cotton fields and unlimited negroes." Today, the power elite's plan has been modified to include "unlimited Hispanics" working for low wages, as power elite member Cecil Rhodes' secret plan involved "absorbing the wealth of the world" in Rhodes' own words. To do this, the power elite has created a global economy via GATT, etc. They also plan to link regional economic arrangements like NAFTA together with other regional arrangements. Regional economic integration will be followed by global economic integration. As Peter Drucker said in POST-CAPITALIST SOCIETY (1993): "These regions will not replace the nation-state. But they will sideline it…. The economic integration of the three countries (U.S., Canada and Mexico) into one region is proceeding so fast that it will make little difference whether the marriage is sanctified legally or not."

The power elite also controls politicians of both major political parties in the U.S. via financial support. Political candidates this year are emphasizing technology in education so that students can get high-paying high-tech jobs to compete in the global economy. This sounds good, but it won't work because there are only so many high-tech jobs to be had. Remember what happened when students were advised to become computer programmers? India produced computer programmers who worked for less, and many American computer jobs were outsourced. You can now see many former computer programmers in unemployment lines or bagging groceries.

Here's what will happen to a child beginning school in the U.S. today. He'll first receive a general education because we want well-rounded students who learn math and science but also who appreciate art, music, literature, and who know about history and government, etc. We know he'll be dumbed down, though, because a recent survey by Common Core found that 57% of 17-year-olds didn't know the Civil War occurred between 1850 and 1900! Around grade 8, he'll be asked to choose a skill path, but he'll be told he can change paths later because we value the freedom to choose one's profession.

Compare that to a child who enters school in China with over 1.2 billion people, four times the population of America. There is a town in China today that specializes in neckties. The people there are becoming experts in this field. The schools beginning in kindergarten will emphasize reading, math, etc., all in terms of their relevance to the manufacture of neckties. The same will happen to other Chinese towns. They will specialize their schools to become producers of highly skilled workers in everything from tires and clothing to biotech products and telecommunications equipment. And these workers will produce these products at far less expense than American workers because salaries will be far lower. The Communist dictators of China will see to it.

How can Americans compete with that? We can't. If American states try to do the same as China, then what happens? Does each of the fifty states compete against each other in the training of highly skilled workers in all fields? Then what happens to state X if state Y produces better workers in a particular field? Do all the states agree upon which state will specialize in each field? Then are all children in a particular state trained in that field? If the answer to the last question is "no" because that state wants well-rounded citizens free to choose their own career paths, then that state will be at a disadvantage against other states and countries that specialize in certain occupational fields. The power elite loves this because they see people only as worker bees.

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Jun. 4, 2008 at 12:22 AM Great post and thanks for getting the word out no matter how unpopular it is!  Hopefully a few mothers will hear and take control over the education and upbringing of their children before graduation finds them staring at a stranger and all liberty is lost to that generation. ~K

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Jun. 8, 2008 at 8:45 PM    Thank you, Kathryn I just pray that they will instill the Word of Truth into their children strongly enough to see them through all the lies the enemy will bombard them with!!!

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Jul. 4, 2009 at 4:01 PM

Thanks for the great post.  This is why my grandchildren are being homeschooled.  We want to make sure their intellect is appreciated, not dumbed down as they do in the government schools.

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