So, this is day 2 of my low iodine diet. I can't have anything with sodium or iodine in it. I can't have dairy, fish, processed foods, no fast food or any other restaurant food, and countless other things. I can only have 5 ounces of meat or poultry per day. I just started yesterday and I have to do this until June 20th. I'm already going a little nutso here. As I try to eat my veggies and fruits and pretend they are Taco Bell or Mc Nuggets, I am a little happy to think that at least I'm going to lose some weight over the next 3 weeks. I'm one of the lucky ones. Many women in my situation have to go off their thyroid meds while they are doing the diet. Me, I can keep taking my medication. Instead I get thyrogen shots for two days. No big deal. After two days of shots, I have to take a radioactive iodine pill so they can check to see if I have any remaining thyroid tissue or cancer. My doctor is very optimistic that they will find none. I think the worst part about it is that I have to stay at my parents after I take the pill. I can't be around my son or anyone who might be pregnant for 2 days. This is better than last year when I had a higher dose and had to stay away from him for 5 days. I missed him and my husband so much. The day I can go back home is the day I can start eating regular food again. It is also the day that I get my whole body scan so they can check me out. I'm praying that they will tell me that I am all clear. If they tell me that I'm good to go, it means we can get on with our lives where we left off before the doctor found the lump in my neck. We can try for a second baby. We were so blessed with our son. He is wonderful and well behaved and smart. We would give anything to have another one. I would give anything to be alive to watch my son grow up. So, am I really that anxious to have my Starbucks venti vanilla latte or to try that new KFC that is opening by me? Yes. But I am desperately wanting to hear that I am thyroid cancer free and that we can add to our family.

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