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About a year ago I (Nita) filled two glass jars with water. I put 1/8 cup of Melaleuca's Melapower in the jar on the left and the same amount of Tide liquid in the jar on the right. I stirred them. I put a piece of plaid fabric in each and put on the lid. The Melapower has looked the same from day one...clear like it is in the picture with the fabric remaining bright with no sign of any fading. In the Tide jar you can see how the extra chemical fillers never dissolved . They have settled into a pile of white powder residue at the bottom of the jar. I can not even see the fabric but can guess that it has been damaged by the chemicals.
The thing that concerns me more is that some of this residue must remain on our clothes, sheets, towels and in our environment. Melaleuca uses naturally derived ingredients that are biodegradable and really work and don't leave harmful residues on your clothes. Also, there are no phosphates in our products. I have met so many families with eczema ,allergies and asthma and the first thing I suggest is to change their laundry detergent to Melaleuca's Melapower for this reason. But it gets even better...Melapower is concentrated so is less expensive on a cost per use basis!
~ Nita (my mentor)
Check out this excellent brochure on Melapower
and all of the Ecosense products

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Jun. 5, 2008 at 7:10 PM

OK I was a major TIDE freak!  I could show you pictures of my laundry room where I stocked up on it. 4 wide 2 deep.  It was a sence of security to never run out.  If I was addicted to any product it was TIDE.  At the same time I was bleeding from my breasts due to eczema.  I was nursing and did not want to use steriod cream.  I was a suddenly single mom and totally behind in laundry.  My Kiwi Friend Janine came over and took my laundry to her house.  She washed and washed and folded and returned.... I forgot to send her with my detergent. I had PLENTY!  Well.  I did not notice my clothes but I noticed my sheets. I LOVE clean fresh smelling sheets.  She told me it was ARM AND HAMMER.  I could not believe it.  Something other than TIDE that I liked.   It was a sort month or two later that I finally decided to take a second serious look at Melaleuca. I had been contemplating it for a year.  One of the things that was holding me back was my brand loyalty to other products. BUT once I actually got them in my home. I was forever hooked.  

If they did not have the referral bonus program I would STILL be a loyal customer. Hand on the BIBLE.

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