and i'm being serious! my SO finally ran across a good deal. whirpool set for $75. they work wonderfully. the only reason they got rid of them is because they wanted more space and got a stackable set. only 2.5 yrs old! we haven't had a good set for @ 2 mo. our connection are in the garage and when we left for our trip last month we left washer attached and somehow it leaked water everywhere! even got into my neighbors garage. (duplex) we had a lot of clothes in there. half of the clothes have holes. that sucks. i'm trying to salavage what i can but it's going to be a huge loss. another good thing though is money! i've made $9.75 so far!

well, our neighbors of 2 yrs are gone. that sucks. they were cool. our doors are caddy-corner to each other and their master backs up to our master and you can hear sometimes each other through the fireplaces. other than always slamming their door they weren't loud. i'm apprehensive of who's going to come next. i hope they don't suck. lol. they were the kind you could still go next door and ask for a glass of milk. and clean! mopped the floors 2 times a day. even mopped the porch! and she was a mexican from mexico and she would cook all the time and bring us real home cooked mexican food. sooo good!  they didn't have kids together but she had 3 and the youngest who's 5 doesn't know that that wasn't his real dad. so sad. she told that they fight all the time. as well as she could, my spanish sucks and her english is alright. the little boy told me withpout me even asking it was because his daddy followed his mommy too much. wow. well, time to fold!

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 2:17 PM Kick that laundry's butt!

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 4:29 PM isn't it nice to get the laundry all done!!!

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