1. I want them to know that I am there for them, loving them, looking out for them, helping them grow to become independent, happy, moral, responsible adults.
2. I want them to follow their dreams and believe in themselves.
3. I want my kids to see my husband and I in love, showing affection and showing each other respect so they know what to look for and how to be when they are married.
4. I want them to have a Faith that helps them through life.


And...this one is for me too!

5. I want to live long enough to see my grandkids and to help my kids with advice (if they ask) and of course, babysitting! :-)

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 2:21 PM me too:) My great-great grandmom was alive until I was nine and I'll never forget our visits together and the bond we had.  I want the same with my kids, and grandkids.  (I'll consider myself really really lucky to even meet my great-great grandkids!!) 

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