The Penguin Party at Penguin Party Cash, and earn some extra cash from home!

Penguin Party Cash is a very fun GPT site. They have loads of PTC ads added daily, this helps with the PTC contests. There are plenty of PTS ads as well, a lot of which are for newer, more underground GPT sites, that you wouldn't find on other sites as a PTS.

Aside from the usual offers and contests, they have BINGO games going on quite often. There is a weekly bingo paying up to $25, and there is also a live bingo game every Wednesday night on the site's LIVE shoutbox!

The live shoutbox also helps immensly when you are in need of help. Many times the owner is right there chatting, so she is easily ready to answer any questions you have.

The owner is a lot of fun, and holds "parties." Sometimes this includes promo codes hidden all over the site.

There is a $1 sign-up bonus. Only $10 cashout minimum by check, paypal or gift card. Two-level referral system: 15% commission and 5% commission.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me.

Click on the banner to join:

For some helpful tips on getting started, visit my blog below:

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