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Hello Cafemoms everywhere!

I can honestly say I don't recall reading that much as a child. Not until high-school did I become a voracious reader. I do remember loving books that showed you how to care for your pets. I still have my very first scholastic book on How to Care Your New Puppy. I loved animals and I loved to learn how to take care of them.

As a mom, I have gotten my boys interested in adventure titles like the Hardy Boys series. I have to say if you read a Hardy Boy book you will not be able to put the book down!

Today I have become fascinated with reading about the military and many years of correspondence between families and those who have served. As a troop supporter it has really helped me to understand what the families and soldiers are going through. It is amazing to me see how the Internet has impacted the whole communication process. Today we could be talking to someone on the Internet on the other side of the globe when if you go back 50-75 years it often took months for a single letter to get to a loved one. I still think writing a hand written letter is still important, because it is so tangible. Loved ones can have something in their hands and help feel connected.

Happy Reading!


Now that school is out how will you make sure your kids read enough over the Summer and if so what kind's of books? I would love ideas!

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