ok well i got a call on sunday from my mom and she told me that one of my old Sunday school teachers/ friend of our family for man many years died. we all knew he has been battling cancer for many years but he apparently went down hill really fast within the past week. but he died sometime Sunday morning. its like i dont know what to think. its like all i can think of is how happy he was everytime i saw him. even while going through all of the therapies and everything he was still a very happy man. i just dont know how to take it i guess. its like im confused as bad as that sounds. like Y. y mr dock he was such a good man. he is the person who introduced us to brown cows during sunday school one week. he made classes so much fun with games and activitys. i just can not believe he is gone. not seeing him anymore with his crazy outlook on thing such as life religion just different things. its like i just dont want to believe he is gone. sorry if im babbling! its just unbelievable to me!

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Jun. 9, 2008 at 12:20 AM  There is nothing wrong with mourning, so don't apologize. He sounds like he was a positive person and there's not a lot of those these days. I'm sorry about your loss. At the end of all of your mourning you will be happy that you were blessed enough to know such a memorable man.

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