GAAAAAAAAAH, I just finished affixing seals and addresses and stamps to the hubs' graduation announcements!

My stroller is due to arrive today!!! I am soooo excited! I don't know if I should leave the house because I might have to sign for it. If I do and I am not here to do so, it's delivery will be delayed! Boooooooo. The Riverside Homelearners were meeting today, and I wanted to meet them. The whole stroller delivery coupled with my frequent bathroom trips (courtesy of the 100% whole wheat bagels I've been eating the past two days, I am not really up to it. Who knows. I may end up going. I still have a good hour to decide. 

I broke my laptop!!!!!!!!!!! It is the third laptop harddrive I fried!!!! My husband sat me down for a talk yesterday about it. It went sort of like this:

Hubs: (Calm, but somewhat strained) Listen...(thoughtful pause)...I don't want to be angry with you. It's just...this is the third harddrive you've broken. Look, I understand it can be hard with two kids crawling around you, but it's like you're almost proud of how much abuse your laptop takes.

Me: Well, it's a really, really sturdy--

Hubs: --Yeah, I get that it's really sturdy, but I see you laughing when Daphne is sitting on it or when Lotus is pummeling it.  (I start to sort of laugh, the hubs' face gets strained and sad in response to laughter) Have you considered that perhaps......maybe you're just not a laptop person?

At this point, I just couldn't contain my laughter due to the hilarity of the situation [there are laptop people and non-laptop people????], so I covered my face and tried to stifle my laughter because my husband gets offended when I laugh at things he takes seriously.

Hubs: (continuing) You need one of those $4,000 toughbooks, and we just don't have that kind of money. (Pause) Are you really crying????

So, I am laptop-less. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. is a darn inconvenience. He told me it was irresponsible of me to let my laptop just run out of battery, and that doing so sends power surges through it which can sometimes fry harddrives.

However, I made the point that if I got a laptop with a flashdrive that wouldn't be a problem! He who knows! I may prevail!

Gosh, I need to go to the bathroom. I wish my stroller would come already! 


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Jun. 3, 2008 at 3:00 PM You are such a good writer.  I was cracking up while reading this!  I love how you express yourself in your journals, that's why I wanted to invite you as a friend.  it's neat how you preceive the world!

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