Hello Moms, I am 34 years old mom , I have a 13 year old daughter. and I run a small Day Care for children in my Home. This is the best job in the world,  to work  at home and spend time with my beautiful sweet daughter when school is out, and do what I do best, take care of children. Children  are my Passion.

                           WEEKEND CHILDCARE

 Dianna's Stars Family Day Care- Day Care at Home

The Fun Place for little Stars.   In a Safe,Fun,Happy Home, with a Nurturing, Warm Atmosphere.

 The Little Stars will enjoy Arts &Crafts,games,puzzles,Play Kitchen,Easel Painting,and Manipulative Toys.Then The little stars will enjoy their dinner/Snack and their Drink which parents provide, and watch an educational movie, and they will nap on toddlers mats until parents arrival. 

Fridays Fun Nights-  8:15pm until 12:am  $25 for 1 child $40 for two

Saturdays Fun Nights- Saturdays 7pm until 11pm $25 1child $40 for two

                                                     A Parent Helping Other Parents

I am Licensed by the Dept of Health. CPR,First Aid Certified. Staff are Finger printed,and back ground checked.

                                   Conveniently Located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

Lets Have Fun. .  Email me @ brooklyndianna@yahoo.com. or leave me a note on Cafe Moms.

please visit my website and check out all the fun the children and I have. www.myspace.com/diannas_starsdaycare


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