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The true story of a stay at home mom.

Here i am again ready to cry at 11 because i am so frustrated with my daughter. Last night she refused to go to bed. She was up until close to 1 am for the third night in a row. I knew there was no way that she was going to be ready for summer school by 8:30. I let her go to summer school because it would be fun, not because I have too. We go through HELL during the school year trying to get her to school on time. I REFUSE to do it in the summer too.So she missed summer-school today, when she woke up a realized this, she started in with the tantrum. Then the tantrums turned to blame.She said it was MY fault she missed school, And I stay up on the computer all night ( She hates when i talk on the phone,play on computer watch t.v etc.... Anytime I am doing something other then entertaining her) She even has said I clean too much, that is one statement I promise isn't true!!!

Now the whole morning has been filled with door slamming and her saying hurtful things to me and her sister. i thought this behavior might be related to me working and thats PART of the reason I quit my job. But now the problem is that nothing i do is ever enough for her,

Yesterday she went to summer school, then we went to the mall. We had lunch rode the carousel, played at the indoor playground, and finished the trip with ice cream and looking at the puppies. I was wiped out when we got home and had some things I wanted to get done.i told them that I was going to nap for an hour and then clean for an hour. I promised that if they were good, we would go swimmimg after six.

Honestly, was I out of line to ask my almost 8 year old to entertain herself for a few hours?? My almost  5 year old can do it. Well, of course my nap was interrupted about five times before I gave up. Everything from her sister screaming because lexi hit her, to lexi looking for my cell phone so she could call my mom and complain that I was sleeping. UGH!! 

So  I gave up and started in on cleaning. then lexi started freaking out because she wanted to go swimming so bad. I told her that her behavior did not warrant swimming, and she flipped out!!!!  She slammed her door in my face and started trashing her room. I told her she was getting spanked and she jumped on the to[ bunk in the middle where she knows my big pregnant belly can't reach her. i told her she had to come down and when she did, she was getting her punishment. Well, she freaked for about 30 min screaming she hates me hates her sister etc........... Needless to say it was hard to focus on getting ANYTHING done. Thank God my hubby came home and he was able to be backup while i got some stuff done.

yesterday was just another typical lexi day. Today is looking to be the same. My question is. Do I have to entertain her 24/7? Do I just have to accept that it is my lot in life to keep her busy. Another downfall of that is if she does to much, and has no rest time, she has a breaksown too. Bu8ut she hates resting. She lays there and moans!! She flops her body around like a dead fish and cries until she is doing something again.


Get this, SHE IS NOT ADD!! I had her tested. The term OCD has been thrown around, some docs have said anxiety issues, but no one really knows for sure.

I love her so much........I am crying as i type this because of how much I love her. I hate getting so mad at her, i have given up everything for her since I was 17 and gladly would all over again. i just wish i could help her, help us.

I just need  some help. 

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 2:56 PM She may have a sensory disorder. Talk to her doctor about it. It is not widely known but they can give you a referral to a OT that will be able to help. My sons have sensory processing disorder, it comes with other " ticks" but behavior problems are one of the first "symptoms". If you would like to chat feel free to message me.

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 3:18 PM what kind of icecream did she have??? What did she eat for the entire day? I will be online for a few hours and I can check. put in my chatterbox or in today's post about this.

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 4:10 PM

Maybe she is having issues with the idea that there will be another child in the house soon taking away even more of your attention. You are right. At her age she should know how to deal with this, but every kid is different. Maybe try some counseling for her. A good therapist knows how to get to the root of the issue and can give you advice on how to handle things going forward.

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