okay so i want more help then anything.. like when you get home from work and instead of asking me why the house isnt picked up ask me how my day was ..... did you notice i cooked dinner? no.... but you noticed the kitchen wasnt clean.... you bug! i uderstand you work far and everything but i work too and i like to just hang out on my day off.... you understand how the boys can become tornados with the toys so why is it so hard to understand why the house is a mess? i pick up and the next thing i know the toys are alll over the floor yet again...

i work monday thru friday just like you but when you get off im home too... and when i get off its just me... and the boys... i have to pick up, make dinner, try to unwind to get up early to do it alll over again... and plus the boys are sick.... sheeeesh i just want to smack you.. seriously i do......

okay now that thats off my chest i feel better... no wait i dont i have a ton of freaking laundry to do.... and i know whats going to be said when you get home... ugh.

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 2:47 PM Hang in there girl, I have the exact same thing here!!! Great moms get rewarded...just wait and see...lol

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 2:55 PM

I remember feeling this way when my older two were little. Hang in there Momma! Take a deep breath and relax. Everything's gonna be ok.

When Hubby gets home, let him spend a little while relaxing, then ask him (sweetly) to help with the after dinner dishes, kid's baths, etc. Explain that if you work together and get it done quicker, there will maybe be some time to relax and have sex. Because you won't be exhausted from doing everything by yourself.  If he refused to help - no sex. You are implementing the "reward system". Keep this to yourself, but believe me - his male mind will quickly catch on. Compliments and help = blowjob. Smart aleck comments and no help = no bootie. Try it for 1 week. The results are amazing.

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