The benefit package we offer is from AmeriPlan®.
With over 1.4 million satisfied members nationwide, AmeriPlanUSA. is the largest Discount Dental Package
in the U.S.

Why Have So Many People Decided Our Package is The Best?

Savings Of Up To 80% Nationwide
No Annual Limit On Visits Or Services
Instant Savings
Ongoing Conditions Included
(except orthodontic treatment already in progress)
Cosmetic Dentistry Included
No Waiting Period / Get Started Today - Use Your Program Tomorrow!
All Specialists Included / Even Braces For Children & Adults!
No Age Limits
Change Dentists Whenever You Like
No Claim Forms
No Hassles!


Free Vision / Rx / Chiropractic Program Included

Dental / Vision / Rx / Chiropractic


All Four Programs

We're so confident that you'll be happy with our benefits, that we're making this special offer to you.

Get started today and we'll give you a 30-day money-back guarantee on your membership just for trying us out!


AmeriPlan® Health Section!

We also offer huge discounts at almost 400,000 providers nationwide on Doctor Visits & Hospitalization available with AmeriPlan® Health. As with our dental benefits, you can't be turned down because there are no qualifications! Look at the details below and you'll see why AmeriPlan Health is the affordable alternative to high cost insurance plans!


$39.95 PER MONTH  for your entire household

No limits on service
No ongoing dental/medical problem (condition) exclusions
No age limit
You and your Doctor control the level of care
No insurance carrier, no PPO, no HMO so the savings are passed on to YOU, Family Care Physicians, Specialists, Ancillary Care Providers

Our Dental - Vision - Rx - Chiropractic program included free with this package!


Please visit my website at  for details on all of our discount programs, or call the number below.

Thank You,
Stephanie Nichols


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