I used to think getting up at 7:00 was too early.  I would earnestly proclaim, "I am just not a morning person."  Then I would become the grumpiest person alive until around 9:00.  Now I get up at 5 a.m. and have the energy to make up songs about stuffed monkeys (“He’s your friend and mine, Mr. Monkey Face!”) and stinky baby butts.  This after being jarred awake by screaming every 2 1/2 to 3 hours throughout the night.  In fact, if my gentle baby alarm does not go off by 5 a.m., I wake up in a cold sweat wondering what is wrong and rushing to the crib to find out. 

I started out this morning having a lively discussion with my husband over breakfast.  Our topic of conversation:  baby's bowel movements.   I continued my day by picking someone else's nose, doing 8 loads of laundry that had not one piece of my clothing, and having that darn monkey face song stuck in my head.  I also cleaned up more bodily fluids (drool, spit up, poo) spewing from a 10 lb baby than I think have ever come out of me in my entire life.  Isn't it amazing how at one point in your life you can be nauseated by a car ride, but after having a baby you can clean poo off your arm in the middle of the mall without skipping a step?  Someone else’s poo?

My guilty pleasure used to be watching talk shows and getting weekly pedicures.  Now it is showering.  I used to wrestle with deciding what I wanted to do with my life.  The toughest decision I will make today is whether to eat or nap. That wonderful diploma I worked so hard and long to get?  I almost used it to shield my face when the baby fountain went off mid-diaper change.  I have a new skill set though:  one-handed typing, dishwasher emptying, laundry folding, and hair styling. 

 I used to spend at least an hour getting ready to go out – hair, make-up, trying on different outfits.  Now a ponytail and chap stick is a good day, and I will feel accomplished if I am not in my pajamas.   Ah, going out!  I remember that well…but more on that later.  Right now it’s 9:00 p.m. and I’m so excited – I get to go to sleep!

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 2:57 PM Welcome to Mother Hood!!!  Its not everything it was cracked up to be ,was it?.  When I know of couples who are thinking about having kids ,  I tell them that they have to take mine for a day and then we will talk.  If parents would only tell ya the ugly truth BEFORE you are pregnant!!!  I always say,,, "Ya gotta Love 'em, or you would kill 'em".... they are a blessing .  Yes.. when they are sleeping!! LOL   We all love our kids , but there are days...  I feel your pain..     just hang in there.  there are good days too.

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