Ladies, what does SWATcash have in store for the month of June. First, they are giving away free 50 clicks on one PTC ad if you are a member of  Even if you want to purchase more than 50 clicks, you will get those 50 for free. You can read all about the  50 clicks on our forums at

The second big thing is that SWATcash is having a HUGE referral contest. All you have to do is join and the top 50 members who have the most referrals for the month of June that have one offer completed will earn money. The prize structure is as follows:

Member 1 - $500

Members 2 to 5 - $250

Members 6 to 10 - $150

Members 10 to 25 - $100

Members 26 to 50 - $50

That is on top of the 20 % you make on anything that your referral makes in offer earnings. Big things are happening on SWATcash. They just opened an entire MOM section on their forums as well.  Come join today.

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