I had a grandma who was my last living grandma pass away back in February. She had COPD and something else. (Can't remember) and was sick for awhile.   It saddens me thinking about it and I do that offten. I loved this grandma, she was very VERY outspoken...said what was on her mind even if it hurt your feelings, but I still loved her. I get upset thinking she will never get to really know her Great Grandson Jeffrey and the new baby that will be here in October.  Weird thing is that after she died I found out I was having another baby. I visit her gravesite offten...She doesn't have a headstone yet. Grandpa ordered it after he was told that the ground had to settle. It was ordered almost 3 weeks ago and will be here in a few months.  I can't stop thinking about her....how little time i've spent with her the past 4 years makes me sick to my stomach when I was so close to my family. I think that is what really bothers me...knowing how little time I spent with her before she died.  

The day she passed, my entire family was there...all her daughters and the grandkids. Everyone was there and we all did get to say goodbye to her and tell her that we loved her. I know she wasn't awake, but I feel in my heart that she heard every one of us as we told her our goodbyes and told her that she can go. It was sad.

Grandma passed and now grandpa is doing better that I expected..I think it is because everyone occupies his mind. I take Jeffrey over there as grandpa loves to give him ice cream. I want Jeffrey to know his great grandpa as well as I got to know my grandpa!

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Jun. 9, 2008 at 3:54 PM

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