here are a few quotes and sayings i found the other day while searchin for quotes for my photography....

MOST POOR PEOPLE ARE NOT ON WELFARE..i know they work. im a witness. they catch the early bus. they work everyday. they raise other people's children. they work every day. they clean the streets. they work every day. they drive vans with cabs. they work every day. t hey change beds YOU SLEPT in these hotels last night. and cant get a union contract. THEY WORK EVERY DAY.

- REV.

Jesse Jackson

If a free society can not help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich.

- John F.


Study Nature , love nature, stay close to nature. it will never fail you.

-Frank Lloyd Wright

See how nature-trees, flowers, grass-grows in silence; see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence...we need silence to be able to touch souls.


Volunteers dont get paid, not because they are worthless , but BECAUSE THEY ARE PRICELESS
- Sherry Anderson

just thought i would share these.. i have many more..if you are ever lookin for share...
so please share these with others and maybe you can inspire someone....

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