Why every employer in America              Should provide their employees with an                        AmeriPlan® Discount Card….
  • It’s a fact that companies with health benefits have higher employee retention rates. Become a HERO to your employees by providing access to the #1 Healthcare Discount Card in America! 
  • Can’t afford expensive health benefits packages for your employees?? NOW YOU CAN! How about affordable benefits at no cost to you.  Only $19.95 per employee for DENTAL, VISION, PRESCRIPTION, and CHIROPRACTIC?   (This includes their entire households as well, whether the people living in the household are related or not.
Did you Know ?...                                   Monthly Membership FeeSurveys consistently show that insufficient            For only a small monthly membership fee, you
availability of health benefits is second only to      and your employees have access to more
Bad working conditions as the reason that            than 100,000 healthcare providers across the
Employees change jobs voluntarily.                      Country.

The true cost of employee turnover is                          
All 4 Benefits:
staggering if you consider it from all angles,             
including loss of production during training,                  $19.95 Household (Not just
cost of training, cost of job search                                dependents; EVERYONE living
interviewing, advertising, etc.                                        in the house hold.)
                                                                                      $20 one-time registration fee per person
In the long run, it is more cost-effective to
increase health benefits than to lose                        AmeriPlan USA has assembled one of the
experienced employees to competition.                 largest networks of qualified dental providers
Dental coverage is the second most                      in the nation.  Our prescription card may be
requested benefit by employees.                           used at almost 50,000 pharmacies
                                                                               nationwide, as well as through home delivery.
You can be part of a growing healthcare              
option for employers! AmeriPlan USA
® is            The vision care benefits are available
the nation’s premier supplemental benefits         
nationwide at more than 12, 000 providers
company offering a lost cost, high-value             
and our chiropractic benefits may be used with
Dental, Vision, Prescription , and Chiropractic     more than 7,000 accredited chiropractors.
AmeriPlan Dental® is                                                by the
NOT Insurance…                                                American Dental Association
We are a Provider Access Organization with      
chiropractors, vision care specialists, and               For more information or to enroll in this
pharmacies.  Unlike most ‘insured’ dental               incredible money-saving benefits program,
plans, we offer no limits on visits or services,         please contact:
no dollar limitations, no pre-existing condition                  Stephanie Nichols
limitations, and NO WAITING PERIOD! Your                   256-325-9492
employees will have access to all the benefits       
AmeriPlan®is the affordable alternative to expensive health insurance! Dental - Save up to 80% at more than 25,000 providers nationwide.Vision - Save up to 60% at more than 12,000 optical providers across the country.Prescription Drugs - Save up to 50% at almost 50,000 pharmacies nationwide. Special savings on home delivery.Chiropractic - Save up to 50% at more than 7,000 network Chiropractors. Free initial consultation. Our Mission......of providing high quality, affordable health benefits to your employees is unequaled in the industry and supported by a staff dedicated to customer service and satisfaction

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