DH called CPS regarding his daughter today.  His daughter called the police last night after her mother knocked her around a little.  Now they have a statement and CPS hopefully will check this out.  It would be great to get this over with soon.  The girl is now old enough to recognize that her mother is not taking care of her the way she should so we may be adding another body to this house!  At least we'll know that she's safe.  Her mom was recently diagnosed bipolar and she's drinking regularly on top of that.

On another subject, my big bro came by to pay back $$ he borrowed 2 months ago.  Props to him because I wasnt' sure if I'd ever see it.  In fact he handed me $20 more than he owed...I'm too honest to keep it so I let him know it was too much and gave the extra $20 back.  I totally could've had a bonus!!  haha

 I hope everyone had a great day.


Well, I don't know what happened with the CPS thing because they never called us back and I'm SURE they didn't even go to the house because DH's ex totally would have called.  This shit better never happen again because we're about tired of it...

On the subject of my brother -- he called and cussed me out the other day because I told our mother that he's driving with a suspended license... in our dad's car!!!  He thinks nothing of it because 'he drives safe' ... really?  If he's in an accident, my dad's liable, not him!!!  My bro is 48 y/o this year, he needs to grow up so bad.

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Jun. 15, 2008 at 4:15 PM wow, don't ya just hate a drama filled life!  Hope things get better!

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