What irks me is all the people trying to convince me not to home school and to put him in some kind of preschool or pay for activities....


 I mean seriously.. I take him to the grocery store.. he asks where things come from, how they are made, I show him my shopping list, how I budget, meal plan, we have to wait our turn to ask for things and stand in line to pay... he gets to interact with people, he even talks to other kids in passing at the store... and chit chats with them while we are there, and people of all sorts of ages.. I don't see how a "structured" social environment is better than trips like this....or... how about when I take him to the dog park..


I get to educate him on dogs of different breeds and training them... he gets to interact with people of all ages, go for walks in the woods (we also have 4 acres ourselves with 3 dogs and a cat...)


He gets to help with both yard and housework... he knows daddy goes to work every day and mommy takes care of most of the house hold stuff..


When he's older I am sure daddy will explain in detail what he does..


He knows all about dog breeding, and how puppies are born... He’s gone to the doctor with me... he's seen me have my blood drawn and ultra sounds for fertility treatment... He asked a lot of questions that everyone answered honestly and age appropriately. He has all sorts of books and educational toys.He's super smart, he sucks stuff up, and he has a huge family and spends time with people other than me on the weekends...


(his grandparents and cousins and friends with kids his age)I personally don't think just socializing with kids "his" age... does much good... Sure it might get out some energy, but he learns more from kids a year or two older than him, they also have more patience for him. Just like he has patience for kids younger than him.. Kids his own age right now... Not so much...I just don't even begin to understand... how preschool is good social activities, when I can setup environment that are social, educational, get energy out... etc...


Like today, it’s raining, I have a pretty big house, my son can ride his bike in the house... today, I had him run in circles in the kitchen and I had him run until he had no energy left... 

I have educational books, videos, playdoh all sorts of activities... we've already left the house once today, and I had him ask for his morning hot chocolate, he even told me how much it was and helped me pay for it.  I just don't understand what paying for preschool can offer, that I can't as a full time stay at home mom... I don't need or want a break from him..


(I get one EVERY weekend when he goes to one of his grandparents over night to visit.... for his sake and mine... but mostly his...)I can justify family visits... I can justify all sorts of things.. but I can't justify public schooling, or preschool when I can do it better.


Anyways, I’ll get off my soapbox now.. Just had to say it. 



Edited to add : I mean no offense to those who work or have their kids in public school, daycare, preschool etc... I just strictly mean about "my" decisions and experiences and how I see it fitting MY family...

I don't understand the big deal of homeschooling.. the majority of homeschoolers I know, do NOT seclude their children or keep them from socializing or physical activities... they just feel they can educate them better... and I agree with that.

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 3:34 PM

well, i'm not a fan of preschool myself.  i think it's a waste of money...at least for ME.  i can teach my girl what she needs to know (and more) and not spend 600 bucks a month doing it. 

as for homeschooling, well, i'd LOVE to do it, but my hubby says no.  and, his word is law...even though i'm still trying to get him to change his mind, lol.

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 3:41 PM What works for one family doesn't always work for another. I get the chance to teach my son things at home since I'm a WAHM now and even when i don't think he's learning anyhting he is.  He suprised me earlier at a "aunt's" apt and asked for her son's green truck.  I was like he knows the color green!  Sounds like you have a good thing going there with your family.  If it works why change it? He is so adorable too.

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 3:49 PM

Both of my children go to public school, but that is because I don't have any other choice, I have to work in order for us to survive.  Not to mention my youngest is special needs and gets TONS of therpy and intervention from the school.  But if I had it my way, I would have homeschooled both of my children!  And if my situation ever changes where I don't have to work, I might pull them out of public schools!  I think a lot of children learn better from parents... the one on one interaction and instruction is amazing for the development of children!

 I think a lot of ppl have a sterotypical view of homeschoolers and some kind of secluded, radical, religious fanatics!  LOL  My only concern with homeschooling is the socialization just because one of our neighbors when we first moved out here homeschooled all of their children and their children had no clue how to play or interact with other kids... but they had no family or friends and kept to themselves!  It sounds like you homeschool for all the right reasons!  It's not to keep your son away from the "evils of the world"... LOL  It's because you want to spend that time with him and you want to be the one to nurture and teach him and that to me is the most important reason for homeschooling!!  I think it's an honorable thing and you are a wonderful mother for wanting to do this for your son!  (Not that I think I'm a bad mother for working and public schooling my kids... just that I wish I could do what you do!  LOL)  Don't let others get to you... they are closed minded and don't want to see things from anyone else's point of view!!

As far as preschool... neither of my kids went!  They stayed with Grandma when I worked, and she had other children from the neighborhood that she kept too so they LOVED it and I loved the security of knowing that no one would take care of my kids like Grandma would! 

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 4:08 PM

the only plus side I have ever really seen to preschool is that it shows the kids they have to listen to adults other than mom and dad (which  you're doing if he stays with other people on weekends) learn to share toys (probably happens when he's with other family members) and the biggest part is to follow a schedule.....

I think that home schooling or public schooling is totally a parent's choice and each situation is different......

in our case, I sent my daughter to preschool because I had to work. Also, her preschool is located in the same school as where she'll be this fall for kindergarden. So she won't be as scared when she goes to kindergarden because she already knows the principal, teachers, librarians and knows her way around the school.....

if you're planning to send him to public school for kindergarden, then you may want to consider (not saying you have to do it, but it worked for us) sending him two days a week to preschool if it's like ours is and in the same building etc.... just a thought......

I think homeschooling can be awesome and so can public schools.... depending on each different situation.....

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 5:39 PM

as long as he is socializing.. I wouldn't be concerned..

 But I think your view on what he NEEDS as far as socializing.. might be ... different from what he actually needs...

BTW.. the YMCA has homeschooler activities during the day when other kids are in school.. so they can socialize.. I think that would be a great idea!

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 5:48 PM You're the mom, and if you and your hubby feel he's fine, then don't worry about what others thought. It sounds like he's got a whole lot going on for him, and that's great. My children went to preschool, but out of necessity. It's something my ex husband and I felt was best for them. Every child is different, and that's your choice as his parents to keep him home and homeschool. I'm excited for both of you, I'd love to have you as a mom!! :)

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 6:00 PM i am a stay at home mom until my kids are all in public school.  i feel that school is necessary for my kids to have their own lives, make friends.  but that does not mean that schooling ends at the last bell.  my husband is a teacher and i was a biologist so trust me, education will continue at home.  but that being said, i totally respect your choice, its what works for you.  and yes in some instances mom and dad can do better.  but teachers do have it pretty rough when it comes to getting classes that aren't so large that you can't even remember all the kids names.  my husband has to deal with this a lot.  and parents who don't care.  make no mistake that the majority of the problem with public schools today is lack of PARENT INVOLVEMENT! 

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Jun. 4, 2008 at 9:46 AM I think you are doing a great Job. If you can teach him at home I think that is awesome. If I had the training to do that with my daughter I would. She is disabled and I get all kinds of crap from my DH side of the family cause my daughter goes to a school for the disabled and I do not put her in regular school where I know she would be struggling.

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Jun. 4, 2008 at 7:01 PM

I think we all do what we feel is the best fit for our kids, and for our families - after all, we know our kids better than anyone.  Sounds like you are doing a great job.  My daughter went to preschool - she had to - she was pretty sure she's the boss of the universe, and since homeschooling would make me insane, I wanted her prepared for the "real world" of kindergarten structure - lining up, waiting her turn, raising her hand instead of yelling out, practicing manners, having to allow for some give and take with other kids, etc etc.

She still think she's the boss of the universe, but at least she knows what kind of expectations she will face in Kindergarten.

I did pull her out of daycare/preschool  for the summer - she and the teacher were really butting heads, and about 80% of the time I felt the teacher was not picking her battles well. 

So today she got a field trip with mom to the tattoo shop - which let me tell you, horrified a lot of people, like my mom and my co-workers (had to stop and get my work schedule first because I wanted to make an appt. for ink)... but my kid also asks a million questions and wants to know how everything works, so I figured a quick trip to see my tattoo guy to make an appointment would let her see what the place is like, and she'd see that there's nothing real exciting for a kid there, and stop begging me to let her watch me get my ink.  She's 4, and counting the years until she can get "the kidn of tattoo that doesn't wash off" - grin.

You know your kid, so keep doing exactly what you feel is right for him.


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Jun. 5, 2008 at 3:36 PM My in laws homeschooled all of their children(they have 10). Its a great way to help your child learn by doing every day things.  And there are so many programs you can find if you need help getting started.  I think you should do whatever you feel is best for your child.

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