The trip home was aweful... not because of my kids... mine were great.  While we were waiting to board a little girl showed up out of nowhere and was trying to color in Summers books... we pulled out an extra and let her color.  I told the mom she was by us she just went back to her seat.  They also had a baby who was in a stroller squalling.  We got on the plane and out of 40 some odd rows, that family had to be two seats behind us.  They had the baby in a car seat and refused to pick her up as she screamed her poor little head off.  Ronan was trying to go to sleep but she kept waking him.  I carried Ronan up towards the front trying to wait out the poor baby.  Just as Ronan got good and asleep we hit turbulance... I had to brace my back against another passengers seat while standing in the aisle.  It scare the shit out of me.. not because I thought the plane was going down or anything like that... I was just afraid of falling down and hurting Ronan.  I motioned for Scott to come get me but about that time a flight attendant approached me and helped me back to my seat.  The other baby was still crying, Ronan was out but I couldn't sleep.  By the time that baby finally tuckered herself out their three year old woke up and started screaming... at one point she was yelling "help me " and they would not let her out of her seat to comfort her... it was sooo sad.  One or both of their kids were crying the entire 7 hour flight.  When we started our descent I looked back and saw the 3 year old smacking her ears with both hands... It was pityful.  I turned to the dad and asked if I could give her a starburst and said it would help her pop her ears... he was like "Oh... Yeah... that would be good".... DUH!!!!  I wanted to say to them so bad that people weren't thinking they have horrible kids but that they were horrible parents.  But I didn't want to risk a confrontation... we still had one more plane to board so I needed to stay out of trouble.

So now we get to Dallas and board the little plane to Cinncinnati. I want everyone to understand that I am not a racist person and am not usually one to steriotype but maybe some of you will understand my frustration.  We had three Arab men sitting in the row behind me probable in ther late 20's.  Even if they had been American I would still considered them rude... I was exhausted from the previous flight and was hoping to catch a couple of hours sleep. They didn't shut up or even attempt to speak quitely the entire flight plus they were speaking Arabic.... now I know that everyone has the right to speak whatever language they choose but it just seemed to me that they were being arrogant, like they were TRYING to make people uneasy.  The guy directly behind me placed his knee in the back of my seat so that I couldn't recline it... the little that they do recline... I was too tired to be intimidated... Scott was sitting in front of me so I held the button in and push off scotts seat until the guy either gave up or had to readjust himself and my seat flopped back.  I took and extra pain pill on the last flight trying to sleep through the screaming kids but it didn't hit until I got on this one so I knocked out.  Scott wasn't able to sleep through the chatter though and he was going to have to drive home from Cinncinnati.  At one point Scott said one of the guys stood up and walked to the front of the plane... he had no reason to do so... the bathroom was in the back... Scott thought he was just trying to get a rise out of the other passengers.  The poor old guy sitting across from me was so nervous he had to go to the bathroom 6 times in the 2 hour flight.  I think people like that make it harder on other Arabics who just want to get from piont A to B without drawing attention to themselves.  Hopefully I didn't offend anyone in this post.... I honestly don't think those guys were terrorist... just jackasses!

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 6:07 PM i'm sorry that you had a bad flight. i know all about bad parents on planes. a couple of trips ago we were on a small plane from lexington to houston and this lady boarded with an infant that had clearly pooped in his diaper and she refused to change it  and we had to smell it the entire flight. and as far as the aribic men go, you are right they probably were just trying to get a rise out of everyone. some people need to learn some manners. glad that you made it home safe.

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Jun. 5, 2008 at 7:12 PM Glad you made it home

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Jul. 8, 2008 at 3:52 PM i try not to sterotype but on our flight to seattle there was an arab sitting right next to us. My husband was reasuring me, i'm a nervous flier.... well the guy kept looking at his watch! i was almost in tears! lol ...ahhhh traveling

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