My two pregnancies are different. So if they are, will I have the opposite sex from what I have in the first?

My first, here were my symptoms and I had a girl by the way.

*Morning Sickness(mild, throwing up here and there).
*Nipples were sensitive
*Nipples got amazingly large and darker.
*Linea Negra was up to my ribs.
*Gained 67 pounds.
*Craved lots of sweets and some sour stuff.
*Face became clear.
*Showed at 6 and half months.
*Everyone told me I was glowing.
*Dreamt that I was given a baby girl name Esther from God.
2nd Pregnancy ( currently 12 weeks pregnant)

*Tired all the time.
*Severe Morning Sickness (Everytime I eat something)
*Crave lots of sour and meat (taco bell and chicken)
*Pre-natals are also making nauseous.
*No nipples sensitivity.
*No breast enlargement.
*So far no linea negra.
*Baby's heartbeat 135-143.
*Dreamt I was giving birth to a boy.

What do you think. will I have a boy this time? I can't wait til I am 20 weeks.

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